Summer: Tips for Having a Pleasant Vacation

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For many people, the desire is to travel to mountains when summer vacations come around. And with so many places having hot weather and longer days, it’s difficult to decide which vacation is right for you to travel. Summer trips are very special during school or college days when students are tired from their schedules and want a holiday outside there home to mountains to have a wonderful time in chiller weather. Best way to travel with friends together is to rent a car. So that you can enjoy every spot on the way.

Six best ideas to travel in summers

1. When you are in India especially North India , summers are very tiring and hot with almost 45 degrees of temperature. Best way to get relieved is to spend your summer vacation is to travel to mountains.

Best picnic spot for summers is Manali. Which is 300 kms from Chandigarh in Kullu district , Himachal pardesh. When friends want to travel you should go by car. Rent a car to enjoy the every spot on way. There are many scenic spots on the way which you can enjoy and can stop your car anytime on the way

2. The most visited and nearest place in north India is Shimla. Its is 100 kms from Chandigarh and also the capital of India.

Again the best way is to travel by car. Rent a car and let the driver have the ache of parking the car.

3. Thirdly the place you can visit is Kasauli which can be a short trip of one day and one night. To forget the heat waves on the plains, you can plan anytime to enjoy the weather in the hills. This is situated equal to the heights Shimla is situated. Again rent a car, go in a bunch and enjoy every bit

4. Fourthly you can travel to Mcloedganj. This is the place with most scenic beauty and a waterfall to enjoy with. Small roads can make you fear Travelling in bus. Get friends together, Rent a car.

5. Fifth is you can travel to Nainital. It is situated in Uttrakhand. This is the place known for its lake. The weather is very pleasant all the time of the year. Again the best option is always when friends want to travel is rent a car.

6. Sixth is you can travel to Mussoorie. It is also in Uttrakhand. Few kms from Dehradoon.

Its very nice place to visit. The weather is always chiled in the evening. Waterfall is again very famous.


Summer trips are always very memorable if you have young friends of same age together. You are not bound unlike family to do the way you like. When you rent a car you are always free to make a stop anywhere to rest or to enjoy the place having the photographs clicked sharing it with your family and other friends. Driving should always be professional that should be made sure. Such places are very risky to drive.

Conclusion Drive safely after you rent a car. Have a pleasant summer trip.