Newcomers in San Diego: 5 epochal places to set a foot in

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Touring the world is one of the thrilling adventures that most folks dream about. This is due to the fact that it involves fun, getting the know-how and embracing the diversities that are manifested across the world. One of the best places for every tourist to set a foot in is San Diego. It’s endowed with various tourist attractions that are well spread over a large area. Apparently, it’s located in southern California near the Mexican border.

There is  a delightful climate, enchanting inherent beauty, plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. Some of its eye-catching attractions include gardens, museums, and Spanish style architecture. Once a tourist gets there, the movements from one place to another is made easier by the presence of Budget San Diego airport that provides cars for hire.

5 Archetypal Places to Visit in San Diego

The city boasts several fascinating attractions that include:

  • Sunning and surfing
  • Historical shopping centres
  • World famous zoo

Without further ado, let’s briefly look at the 5 exemplary places that every tourist who sets a foot in San Diego shouldn’t miss out.

1. Balboa Park

The park sits on a 1400 acre land where historical buildings, green space, gardens and numerous museums are situated. The motive behind its establishment was to act as a Panama California exhibition that took place in 1915-1916. And since then, most buildings remain intact. The structures were built using a transcendent architecture that incorporated a Spanish style low rise buildings that complemented the natural surroundings. The attractions comprise of floral gardens and lily pond, the museum of natural history, the museum of man, the famous zoo, and the museum of art.

2. SeaWorld

Apparently, SeaWorld boasts as one of the main tourists’ attractions in the city that fits families and young travellers. Since its initiation at around 1960s along the waterfront in mission bay, the SeaWorld has been a family attraction for most Americans. There  are  attractions with sea lions, killer whales, dolphins and other sea life. The viewing is complemented with all types of rides like roller coasters ploughing and other sedate circus types of rides for Tots. Interestingly, SeaWorld is an aquarium that permits close up looks at sharks and other sea life in general.

3. Gaslamp Quarter

The area was reconstructed in the late 19th and early 20th-century in the Victorian buildings located in the downtown of the city (from Broadway to San Diego Bay). It’s endowed with galleries, shops and restaurants that are intriguing destinations for locals and tourists. Additionally, there are many high-end hotels that are famous with both business travellers and tourists.

4. Seaport Village

The area is located right on the waterfront and it’s with freakish shops and restaurants. Thus, tourist can stroll and spend an evening at. It’s one of the city must-sees for it’s benches, picnic tables, and waterfront patios throughout the area. In the afternoon, there are outdoor performers that make each and every moment enjoyable and memorable. A tourist can easily access the area on foot from other nearby attractions like USS Midway.

5. Mission Beach

The beach boardwalk is a spectacular three-mile compass which makes it the best place to go for sunbathing, leisure walk and people-watching. Also, a person can indulge in activities like skateboarding, rollerblading, and cycling. Moreover, the beach is full of other attractions like street performances, wonderful restaurants, racetrack eateries, Belmont Park, and an east-coast-style recreation park. Lastly, the carnival ambience motivates tourists sunbathing.

Best Central Locations for Sightseeing

In San Diego, the tourists’ attractions sites are everywhere across the area. So, a tourist may opt to choose a central position to get the view. The central locations depend on the tourist’s budget. They include luxury accommodation like Manchester Grand Hyatt, mid-range accommodation in the Gaslamp Quarter, and finally budget accommodation in comfort Inn Gaslamp.

Parting shot

From the above-mentioned places, it’s evident that San Diego is an outstanding place that every tourist cannot mind visiting. Everything about it is unique. So, start planning as early as now and book your flight to this location. What are you waiting for??!!!!